Application crashes when adding 3D Text

Running into an issue on the latest Ver of ShotCut.

When I try to add 3D text to a video project the entire software crashes.

PS: Already tied to run as Admin mode and same issue.
Using Win 8 Pro

3D Text is rather advanced (complicated software under the hood) and experimental. It is extremely difficult to debug. Sorry, but either it works for you or it doesn’t.

I have the same problem, with the new version, under Win 10 Pro 64 bits, not only with the text in 3d, also with the current text, in a new track: difficult to cut the duration, not shown the text, but yes the marc…is an authentic pity …

Just wanted to say this is still an issue in the current version. Adding text can crash Shotcut, as can trying to edit it later. If you screw it up you’re stuck, forcing you to slice out the element and recreate it, minus the text. I’m using Ubuntu Unity btw. Whatever the latest version is.

…actually just viewing the segment containing the text in the preview window is enough to crash the program.

Trying to think of a workaround for this, is it possible to edit the HTML overlay out of the MLT file without opening Shotcut at all? I’ve never tried to open these project files with a basic text editor so don’t know what the structure is.

Now I’m back home and have checked, it looks like this would be feasible, though it’s not entirely clear where the code for the 3D text begins and ends in some cases, and I don’t want to remove too much without being sure. Any pointers would be appreciated please.

You need to use an application that can read XML. Since you seem to be using Linux you might want to find an XML editor for Ubuntu.

This section I believe is the 3D text filter section.

You can remove that and any other sections that contain “webvfx” to get rid of the 3D text.

Back up the original file in case things get messed up.

Thanks. Ubuntu’s default text editor did the job and presented it in a legible way.

That’s what my code looked like for one entry, but then the other one was a bit weird as if there was more going on that was possibly relevant, so that threw me. I’m at work now so can’t paste it unfortunately. I’ll have another dabble tonight.

You’d think what would work is temporarily disabling the visuals for that track, remove the HTML filter overlay via the menu then re-enabling video. Though somehow that still freezes Shotcut.

I ended up using 2D text with different color outer border to replicate partial 3D text. I don’t know why this issue isn’t fixed yet.

Hope this helps a bit.

Good idea. I’m not that keen on the look of the 3D text anyway, so wouldn’t be losing anything by dropping a ‘D’. What I was doing was tweaking the settings to make the 3D text as flat as possible so it’s more legible. 2D with an outline would make more sense and probably look better.

Doesn’t 2D text also use an HTML overlay? Is it less glitchy in 2D?

Elsewhere I’ve been using text in a transparent PNG for short sentences.

Same problem here. Maybe they added text: Rich to become a 3D text… I don’t know yet.

Text: 3D has been discontinued since version 20.09.