Apple silicon

What are the plans regarding the new apple m1 chips? does this mean there’s going to be a native arm build of shotcut?

I bought a mac mini with M1 and am looking into it. There are a lot of dependent libraries, and it might take a while to get a native build.

It will have to be emulated for now. Your mac will automatically do this.

I’m aware of rosetta 2, I don’t actually have or want a mac, but an arm native build would mean other arm systems(ubuntu on a rpi4, or android devices) would have an easier time porting shotcut to them.

Can you test it non-nativly for us? Can you edit a 4k video?

I do not have it yet, it was ordered and will not arrive until middle of December. But another user reported the current build is working OK with Rosetta 2 translation.

Once there is a native build I don’t think it will be hard to make an ios version for iPad and iPhone as ios apps can run on the new M1 chips. but that is not that important for most users. I wish there were videos on youtube about Shotcut in Rosetta 2, I really want to know how well it is working.

It is a lot of work to create an entirely new UI and file I/O, and the App Store is problematic for the license.

Rosetta 2 is working fine but I have no benchmarks.

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