Any update on the keyframe feature?

I know it’s the first thing on the roadmap, and it was mentioned mid last year that it would ‘hopefully’ be ready by the end of 2017: Key Frames in SHOTCUT

Just wondering if there are any updates around that, if it’s already being worked on and will hopefully be out soon, or if it didn’t work out with the quitting of the job and so will likely still be a while?

Dan has been taking the lead on Keyframes. He makes a little progress every week. You can follow his progress here:

Not sure when it will be in a state where he feels comfortable releasing it. But its his top priority.

Thanks, nice to see that it’s progressing, hope it gets out soon :slight_smile:

Well that was all over-my-head…
All I know is that my work-around program is crap :slight_smile:
I have a project that I would like to use this feature.

Just wanted to say “Thank You!” for implementing this. :slight_smile: Just tried a current Git version and it looks promising. Waiting for the Size+Position filters to fully support keyframes, but I guess the overall framework for keyframes was the big leap. Great to see this software improving.

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See version 18.05 and higher.

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