Any interest in containers for development work?

Hello, I recently submitted an issue with shotcut on the github issue tracker the other day related to updating thumbnail images, and peeked around the source of the app, and noticed there are quite a bit of steps to get a working development environment to even begin to troubleshoot / debug issues for shotcut.

I was hoping to install shotcut from the master branch, and installed needed dependencies using homebrew on macOS, but soon realzid modern QT versions no longer ship with webkit widgets required for building shotcut, and that building webkit widgest is a whole can of worm in upon itself. I managed to find a binary build of the webkit widgets proceeded to recompile to run into more issues related to missing header files.

However, I came across the steps to get a dev environment setup on macOS to begin experimenting with development builds of shotcut, but there are quite a few steps in the process.

Thus, would it be convenient to have a ready built docker container to pull in from some place like docker hub to get a development environment going rather quick?

I’m on macOS 10.13.6, have some knowledge of docker, but can easily stand to learn a new thing or two about it.

Next question, is anyone actively doing development work on Shotcut using macOS?

cheers :doughnut:

The steps I provide on the SDK are not that bad.
I use it for development on macOS. No one else does based on contributions received. I am not interested in containers for this task because I fail to see how that improves the situation. You know of a macOS base image? I do not, and then that would only provide the build environment. What about the runtime environment for this build? The SDK app bundle provides both and is self contained like a container without the unnecessary process sandbox.

right on man, I’ll try giving your setup instructions ago, and thanks for doing a writeup on how to get everything setup. :+1: