Antialiasing for text?

Is there a straightforward way to get antialiasing on titles? The Text:Rich filter, at least, doesn’t seem to do it.


Oh, wait. It does sometimes.
Possibly it does so long as the text is on top of a background, but if there’s nothing beneath the text then AA doesn’t appear to work? (in my case it’s on a video clip where the clip itself has been scaled such that the text is over nothingness. I’ll add a black background…)

In the past I had noticed that a number of filters didn’t work right if the video was over nothing.
So I got into the habit of always having a PNG of a neutral background as my bottom track.
Many irritating odd behaviors of filters have not been seen since.

In version 20-09-13 Dan made the following improvement:

  • Fixed video compositing with nothing on video track V1 or V1 hidden.

So your PNG workaround may no longer be required.

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Thank you for the info.

I suspected something like that, but had been proceeding on a “better safe than sorry” basis, having experienced some “throw it all way and start over” disasters before that date.

Many things have been improved since then.
Ode To Shotcut 21.02.27

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