Animating panning vertically with cropping


I have created a custom resolution for the 4:3 sensor of my DJI action camera which is 3840x2880

What I want to do is crop to the center to create 3840x2160 video. Of course I can do this by changing the format then using the “Crop” filter and checking “Center”.

The difficulty I am having is that I would like to do some panning in the vertical plane while keeping the 16:9 aspect ratio.
So effectively the video will move up and down.

I managed to get one stage of this done by using the “Crop: Rectangle” filter and ‘key frames’ to animate so that is all working.

Now I am a little lost at how to remove the black bars at the top and bottom as the removal itself will need to be animated since they are not of fixed dimensions as currently the content is moving around the vertical plane.

Is there a way to do this I wonder or do I need to look for a different tool?

I got this idea from a Youtube video using Adobe Premier which managed to get the same result that I am looking for, but I am not sure if it’s easily possible??
I know that one can use ffmpeg or Handbrake but again I don’t know if that just removes and crops a fixed set of pixels or will automatically “mask” out the black bits dynamically?

The first step is to set your video mode to the final resolution you want for the output, so 3840x2160.

The Crop:Source filter cannot be keyframmable (animated), so I recommend another filter.
Side note: you can still use the Crop filter if you do not need smooth animation (as in: after 1 minute you suddenly move the crop area lower/higer in one single step by splitting the original video into multiple pieces and adding individual Crop:source to each split subclip).

The filter I would use is “Size, Position & Rotate” filter. Fill out the resolution to 3840x2880 inside the filter - this will “zoom in” to the video and top and bottom will be outside of view.
You can now adjust vertical position to move the video up and down so you have your subject in view. You can use keyframes for smooth movement.


Thank you. That seems to work. I just need to export the file now and check out if it’s ok. Unfortunately it will take around 4 hours so currently I’m just going to see if I can add a title to my video then should all be fine :slight_smile:

You can always export a portion of your video to check with Markers.

  1. Set marker duration

  2. Set marker name for Export

Thank you so much!

I just finished the video. It’s pretty much the first serious one I have done so lots of room for improvement everywhere:

Please don’t laugh haha…

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