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As a background picture (for OBS) I want to use a small sequence of my logo (with keyframes) as an animated GIF file. I exported it and it works well. But (of course :smile: ), when the loop starts it has always a little black transition.
Can I avoid this, that I can have a seamless transition?

(I would upload it here, but it has a size of nearly 100 MB)

TIA :slight_smile:

Best regards

Why don’t you use a .mp4 for your Logo and let it loop by OBS?


I’ve tried it too already! But there is also a “short black” between the loops…
I also tried “Timeline To Source” (maybe that there is an issue with a frame o.s.)…, but no changes.
And currently, I have always a “one frame black frame” if a loop starts…

I noticed that I’ve tried to make a Gif, too long ago and I can remember this black frame!
So I took a mp4. :slight_smile:


But also with an mp4 file I do not have a seamless transition… :frowning:
And it is made from a picture…

----- EDIT ---------------

I found the reason! :smile:
The whole picture has the filter “Vertigo” and this raises the effect of a “black shadow” at point of the repetation.
I’ve added now a track…
Track 0 without “Vertigo”
Track 1 with “Vertigo” but a little shorter
Now at point of repeating the mp4 file it is stable and seamless

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