Analyze repeats when exporting

When I export a project containing a ‘stabilized’ clip, I get the message that SC needs to analyze parts of the project. But I had, in fact, done the analyses during the stabilisation process. Why would they need to be done again?

Btw, my knowledge of video editing is limited. Could you explain this analysis function (in simple terms:slightly_smiling_face:) and how to use it correctly?

If the answer is too long and complicated for inclusion in a forum, could you direct me to a source of information about it?


For some reason your analysis results could not be found. It could be something about your workflow that made it such that when analysis was done, the clip is no longer found. The job does try to find copies of the clip when the clip is copied between Source and Timeline, for example. However, it is possible that something such as undo and redo may break that. Otherwise, I do not think there is anything especially tricky about it as long as you are using version 19.08 or later. Certainly, if you move your project .mlt file or the stabilization results .stab file, you can introduce a problem.

The usage is simple: add the filter and click Analyze. Wait for pending jobs to complete before you close Shotcut. Oh yeah, if Shotcut crashes, then it will lose results, of course. Maybe that is the problem you had. If you trim the video (adjust its start or end), then you need to redo analysis unfortunately, and Shotcut does not yet detect that an invalidate analysis results as it should.

Thank you very much for this useful information.

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