Always quality loss after export + copy clip timeline to playliste (more than one clip)

Hello together!

I looked through YouTube videos and read about the best export settings in this forum.
The video quality after rerecording with shotcut is always worse. (The video itself was recorded with OBS before)

My hardware:

CPU: AMD 9 3900X
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 2080 Super
Ram: 32GB

Im always trying to use the same properties like the in the video:

The file size is always smaller than the size of the original video.

I really like the program but its seems that im doing something wrong…
As mentioned my hardware above. Should i use another video settings/codec which fits more to my hardware?

little side question: Is it possible to copy more!!! then one clip from the timeline to the playlist?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

NVENC and 100% is not lossless. You need to turn off the hardware encoder to use x264 software encoder for lossless H.264.

You can also drag-n-drop multiple. I guess the poster does not know how to multi-select, which requires holding the Shift key for range selection or Ctrl key to select individually.

Thanks for the answer. The hardware encoder is “off” as you can see in the screenshot above. Do you have a suggestion which settings could be the best in my case? Thank you sir

Thank you for the answer. I mean the other direction. For example two Clips from the timeline into one video on the playlist. At the moment I can just copy one clip (via ctrl + C) and add it to the playlist with the “+” sign.

The checkbox is off but the codec you chose has “nvenc” in its name, so it is the hardware encoder. The checkbox is merely a convenience item for choosing it. Click the export preset lossless > H.264.

For example two Clips from the timeline into one video on the playlist.

Not possible.

Thanks for the reply! That helps me alot. Didnt know that setting. Is it true (as I read here in the forum) that having the quality around 68% is the best quality while holding the file size relatively low?

For H.264 anything above 67% is almost certain to be “visually lossless”. i.e. visually comparing this to a 100% lossless format you are highly unlikely to see any difference. Of course you will see a large difference in the filesize.

Hardware ensoding is designed for fast encoding, not necessarily for quality encoding, nor for producing small file sizes.

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