Allowing people to add their own downloaded font/fonts to a local font list on the Shotcut client (on top of the defaults)

I know, this feels like a really fancy way of asking if we can use external fonts in Shotcut, but what if people (like me) just don’t want to go through the hassle of figuring out how to install a specific font onto our local Windows system? What if we just want to add a specific font filetype (like OTF, TTF, SVG, etc.) to a local Shotcut font library, making that external font addition process just a few simple clicks and done?

And then after that the local data of said font filetype is saved onto said library and/or whatever cache Shotcut uses to store anything, so you can just easily have it added there without scourging through Windows settings?

Take this for example as how the suggestion might look:
custom font suggestion

So you’d click whatever button is there that prompts you to add a new font to your local library you’d have, and then it’d pop up with the usual Windows Explorer Open File prompt, you’d input a text file (cause that’s all that prompt should allow), and then boom.

The font should be there, ready to use, all without the hassle of installing it on your Windows system.

(P.S: I noticed how I mentioned Windows all this time, but in all honesty the other platforms that Shotcut is supported on should get this too because it’d be & is a pretty baseline feature, so yeah.)