All transitions now say invalid

So I’ve been working on a big project for a while and all of a sudden I open my project and it tells me I’m missing tractor file.

C:\Program Files\Shotcut< tractor>

I’ve read up on this a lot and don’t see a for sure way of fixing it, I’ve noticed the shotcut dev mentioned something about editing xml file to transfer clips/transitions into the another project.(I’ve tried, I made copies of my files and attempted something like this and got the transitions into my project but they were just blank, I probably didn’t transfer everything I needed to.) I have been saving different versions of the project as I’ve gone along, so the latest version is missing all the transitions, and the version before that still has all of them but that version is missing 20 minutes of video which is hours of work. What’s the best way to fix this?

and just for more context, I haven’t deleted or moved anything. After I’m done working on it, I save it and close the program. I really don’t see a reason this would happen but it blows.

Bumping this thread.

I am facing the same issue. I have several projects and in all the projects, the transitions have been corrupted. It says invalid.

I have not moved or renamed any files. My shotcut version is 19.12.31 . Hope someone has a solution as I have 12 projects and it will be lot of effort to fix it. It was working 3 days back and yesterday when I was checking, I noticed the issue.


You must’ve moved the file somehow, or Shotcut thinks you moved the files. Just go to each clip, click Properties then click Reset. That usually works for me when I moved files.

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