Advanced Keyframing System For Text

Hello! As a user of shotcut for almost a year, there has been one thing that I love doing is adding text/captions to my videos. Although, when I would like to create moving text in certain positions on the screen, I cannot because the keyframing system for text is too simple. I think a good idea for the future would be to incorporate an advanced keyframing system to move text around the screen. It would be absolutely amazing to see in the future.

I am curious to know what you mean.
You mention moving text to certain positions is not possible but that is not clear to me because you can actually do that. In the following video I moved the text as well as hold it on a position for a period of time.

Could you explain in what extent it should be expandend?

@samth demonstrated using available key frames to move text. Most video editors have basic key framing for text. You can use SP and RS filters for advanced text movement.

Thanks @sauron!
I thought of adding an example with exactly these filters.
If you want to use the Size and Position as well as the Rotation and Scale filter, you can use Open other > Text to add a text clip.

Hello ! You can also do advanced moving of text, boxes and lines using HTML.

If you have the time and/or inclination to delve into using HTML with Shotcut, I recently posted 4 tutorials on Youtube showing how to do it. Note - the “Overlay HTML” filter (referred to in the tutorials) was re-named “Text:HTML” filter in the latest version of Shotcut (v.19.06).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Why am I not surprised to see you promote the use of HTML overlays :smirk::smile:?
This is really more advanced now but it is not as straightforward as using filters.

to watch the series, you will be able to do various things neatly with rather low effort. I recommend it.

LOL!!! I :heart: HTML!!

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yes, sorry for not being too clear. I think it would be great if you were able to do something like that within shotcut. if there is a way to do it though, I haven’t found it.

thank you so much for the tutorials! I’ll have to give them a try :,)

What do you mean with “that”? What Sauron, jonray or I did?

what you and sauron both did where it would move/stop in certain locations and continue moving, etc

Do you need screenshots for the steps I have done?
Or is the information in Sauron’s post enough? (Sauron’s way leads to a similar result.)

The concepts in our Keyframes video tutorial applies to all filters that support keyframes, which includes the Text: Simple filter. It supports advanced in addition to simple.

FANTASTIC TUTORIAL!. Thank you very, very, very much for showing everyone how to make animated text using HTML. You are an excellent teacher.

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Thank you @grdbum, I appreciate your comments. The tutorials took me many many hours of work - so i’m really glad to know they are helpful to users out there.