Adjusting audio track volume in 1 clip to meet desired level in next clip

I’m producing a project with 1 video track (brief audio used) and 2 audio tracks (1 voice over & 1 music). What I’m trying to do is start the video with the music track gain at it’s normal volume and then fade it down to meet the voice over track and not drown it out.

I decided to split the audio track where the voice over begins and chose the ‘Fade Audio’ filter and gradually faded for 3 seconds in the 1st clip. I then set the audio gain at -21.0 dB in the 2nd clip; hoping that the audio would only fade to -21.0 dB in the first clip. Unfortunately, audio fades out too much and then rebounds to -21.0 dB in the following clip.

Is there a better way to start an audio track volume at a normal level and fade/reduce it smoothly to a suitable level to work with the voice over volume?

Thanks for any help/suggestions

I guess you could do a crossfade between the two parts at different volumes.
Cut the audio in two parts, adjust their volumes, move the second part to the right, then add x seconds to the end of the first half (or the beginning of the second part). Take the second part and drag it over the first so they overlap with the same number of seconds.


Nick… I’ve never cut and added seconds. Do I do that by dragging/extending the right end of 1st cut clip (or left end of the 2nd)?

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Yes, exactly. Look at the bubble indicating the time of movement when you drag.

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That was great advice… Thx! What’s nice is that you can see the audio wave forms and really match them up as they overlap.

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