Adjust transition to adjacent clips (when dragging edge with ripple enabled)

Let’s say I have a transition between two clips and I drag the right edge of the transition with ripple enabled in order to change the in-point/length of the clip on the right. The transition will now still be relative to the old in-point of the clip, making the end of the transition a cut instead of a smooth transition.

To fix this I need to remove the transition and re-create it, which is quite inconvenient. A way to automatically adjust the start/end of the transition to fit the directly adjacent clips would be useful.

Any thoughts on this? A year later I’m still having this issue. Or am I missing something so that I don’t have to delete and recreate the entire transition (with it’s properties) every time I want to make an adjacent clip longer or shorter?

Even if this behaviour doesn’t change, some sort of feature would be useful (context menu entry on the transition or whatever) that updates the transition contents based on the clips that it touches to the left and right, as if it was freshly created between those clips.

I considered using two video tracks and mask-based transitions, but then the audio doesn’t transition, so it’d be more work other ways to fix that.

I agree it is currently a rather pointless behavior, potentially considered a bug. There are some general transition improvements planned for the near future. So, I added the accepted tag and will add it to the list.

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