Additional Zoom for processing speed

Very awesome program. One thought I didn’t see in the roadmap is an additional filter…

Size, Position and Rotate is great, but could be processed quicker.
I would like to request a Zoom filter, 1x, 2x,4x native resolution, then positioned… this would cut major processing time for the same effect.

If I figure out how to write a filter, I’ll submit it.



I’d like that too. Good suggestion

This is basically what it already does.

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Yes, but it has to calculate every pixel against multiple.

by specifically using one pixel to cover 4 or 9 pixels, no calculations are required, and compiles much faster.

I think you are describing a “nearest neighbor” scaling method. That usually results in poor quality. If you want to scale by half, so 4 pixels are represented by one pixel, which of the 4 pixels do you choose? Yes, it would be faster, but the resulting image will look bad.

I’ll try one more time…

I have processed video for 30 years using Adobe Premiere, and have done a lot of work with security cameras. Now, they record at 4k, and I drop it down to 720p and would like to use the top right 720x480 pixels from the 4k video to zoom up on the homeless man sleeping in one of our cars in the far distant area covered by the camera and don’t want to wait an hour to process it.

It is fantastic that the program converts the video to a much more visible format, and I can push it through at 4GHz using 16 processors.

Have you tried the Crop: Source filter? I think it does what you are requesting. If you crop exactly the dimensions of the project resolution then no scaling is performed.