Adding split screen - 1 for main video & 1 for text panel

I’d like how to understand how I can import a main video but then share the real estate with a smaller vertical text panel that will enable me to bring in key words that are being spoken and demonstrated in the about in the main video.
I need the video to appear as though its not been cropped and is still showing the full screen.

Hi @JacHollingsworth

If you don’t crop parts of your video, you’ll end up with bars on top and on the bottom of the video side of the screen. If you don’t mind those bars, follow the steps in my video until 2:16

But if you can manage to loose small parts on each side, continue till the end.

Note: You didn’t specify if the text side will be done with Text filters, or if you’ll create them as images (in Photoshop or Gimp for example). I chose to use the Text: Rich filter in my example.

In brief:

  • I used Text: Rich to create the text on a white clip. Then added a Crop: Rectangle filter to resize the text part.
  • I used a Size, Position & Rotate filter to resize and position my image (a video in your case)

Don’t hesitate if you have more questions.

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