Adding new track


Can’t I automatically create a new track when I drag and drop it from a playlist? If there is none, I will request it. Or create an icon to create a new track. The format you choose from the menu has many transitions.

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Hi @tataratar

Creating new tracks is not something you do every 2 minutes, so there is no real need for a button in my opinion. Agreed there are a couple of steps required when using the Timeline menu, but did you know you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + i (command + i on a mac)?
That’s pretty fast :slight_smile:

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It is true that if you make a lot of tracks, scrolling becomes difficult, so it seems that it is not so important. I’ll also try using shortcuts. Thank you.

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Scrolling over track → ALT + MouseWheel
Adjust heith of Tracks → SCHIFT + MousWheel
Adjust Zoom of Tracks → CTRL + MousWheel

If ther is no Track (new Project), when addig the first Clip by pressing “a”, a track ist generated automaticly