Adding Image with second track - Crashing on Export

I have a simple project with two clips on a single track that join with a cross-fade. This project exports without any issue.

I am wanting to add a video track above this one that fades in/out an image file that contains a logo with transparent background. Every time I try to export - Shotcut crashes at about 35% complete.

UPDATE - Crash only occurs when I place the image fade in/out over the crossfade. If I move the image away from the crossfade, it exports fine

Any ideas regarding what I am doing wrong?

A quick search shows others have had problems with PNG files in the past:
It seems they have been elusive problems that developers have yet to recreate reliably.

I tried to create a scenario similar to what you described, but I was not able to see a problem.

Could you try converting the PNG image to a JPEG instead?

Also, I just fixed a crashing issue related to PNG files from a different user.

Maybe this will fix it for you, too in the next release.

I am using .png due to needing a transparent background. If I was forced to use a .jpg, it would eliminate my desire to make this work.

Regarding the other issue ou helped solve, I just checked my .png file - it’s using RGB color model…

What I find interesting is that my project will export fine when I test it by moving the image away from my crossfade. It seems that having these two effects occur at the same time is what causes the issue.

This doesn’t deter me that much, I think Shotcut is otherwise an amazing open source program!

I just did two exports with a transparent png image on V2 and 2 clips with a dissolve on V1. Used the default export once and HEVC main profile for the second one. Both worked fine.

There must be something else that’s causing Shotcut to crash.


Thank you for the test. I just tried it again and crashed just from dragging the image into the timeline. Restarted Shotcut and continued with a successful export. Go figure. I wonder if I have trouble because I use Windows ;-(

I am running Windows 10 Home on an I-7 with 12gb ram, but always assume everything would run better on Linux.

I’m using Windows 10 64 Pro. Haven’t had any trouble with Shotcut.