Adding GIF to Timeline Causes Crash

Been using Shotcut for a while now and I’ve been having some issues with gif’s. I can add them to the playlist just fine, but when dragged into a timeline, Shotcut stops responding.

I’ve noticed that Shotcut says the duration of all of my gifs is 23860:55:45:22, which is completely wrong; most gifs I try are only 2-5 seconds long at maximum. I’m wondering if there’s a way to change the duration of a gif without adding it to the timeline first. I’ll include a screenshot of my Shotcut client right before the crash occurs so you can better see what I’m talking about.

Any help/advice I can get would be fantastic.


Anyone else having this issue?

The .gif duration issue is already on the roadmap. I’m using a fresh install of the newest version of Shotcut on Windows 10 and I’ve reproduced this crash. Since this is a known issue there is no need for a bug report on github or anything (I think there’s another one there too) But it is a very low priority issue, so a fix is not likely to be developed soon. If you need to find a different program to work with .gif files, you can convert individual frames to .jpgs or .pngs with gimp for free or some other image editing program. Those can be loaded back in with the image sequencing feature in Shotcut. Kind of an odd work around but it should work. Sorry for the inconvenience.