Adding An Image Behind Video

Long story short, I’m using a green screen and uploaded a video from OBS.

I want to add a static image behind myself while I’m talking. For some reason I can’t find the solution. I’ve had the static image in V1 or V2, added it to an audio track, tried using chroma key - simple, and nothing. I just need the static image to stay behind me as I’m talking. Any advice is appreciated.

Hi @SpyJamz.
The usual way to do it is:
Your static image on V1
The video of yourself with a green background on V2 with the Chromakey filter applied to it.

But it doesn’t seem like you have a green background on your video.
Did you remove the green background in OBS before importing the clip to Shotcut?

Yes, everything @MusicalBox said.
You have the PNG image on an Audio track.

Just drag your video and the image up 1 after making another video track.

For a short tutorial on how to do this see:


Hi @MusicalBox , yes that’s correct. I was on OBS and used those settings to remove the background then exported the video to Shotcut. Would it work better if I did the green screen removal while in Shotcut instead?

Yes. With the current video, solid black needs to be turned transparent to see the background image under it. But removing black will probably create holes in any dark shadows, too. By letting Shotcut see the original green screen, Shotcut can distinguish between shadows and background by using color clues. Saving the green screen removal for Shotcut also provides opportunity to fine-tune the green removal parameters for the cleanest edges, rather than hoping for the best that OBS did a good job on the first try.


In general OBS does not export a video with an alpha channel (transparency). So when you export the file from OBS transparency gets replaced with black.

If you do want to export a video in OBS with an alpha channel see:

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I was going to say almost word for word what @Austin just said… (more or less) :smile:
I will add also that it helps a lot if your video has a very good resolution. As crisp and sharp as you can get.


Thanks everyone, including @Austin @MusicalBox I appreciate it. I’ll use Shotcut green screen features instead. Only issue is I’d hate to record an entire video then realize Shotcut doesn’t do it that well. Any tips?

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This may help, if lighting of the green screen isn’t uniform


If after applying the Chroma Key filter for the green-screen you still find some green tinges around hair and other fine features try using the “Key Spill” filter, to minimise this.

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