Add Transition to every slide/clip in timeline


Is there a way to add a standard transition between every clip on the timeline without having to drag each clip over the other?


This forum software won’t let me simply say ‘No’ or even ‘Nope’ which is all that is necessary for a succinct answer to the OPs question.



Do you know if this feature in the near future?
This feature is technically si workable or is this a choice from developer ? Thanks for this software :slight_smile:

Have Nice day.

This question is the same for filters and transition…


You can view the Shotcut development roadmap here:


Thanks Steve :wink:

If i translate correctly , the fearures are inside :

Quick Tasks To do
Add generic filter
Add generic transition

That’s correct ?



Has this been added in latest version or updated?

Can someone give more detail for how to do the last suggested idea please?

How do I get quick tasks and add generic filter to them?


No, no plans to add it in the next release either, and no time estimate provided either. Also, “generic filter” and “generic transition” do not actually have anything to do with this. And closing since we do not like to revive very old threads.

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