Add "Open Containing Folder" Option In Jobs Panel For Convert and Proxy

The Jobs panel has these choices when you right click on a completed export job:

It would be nice and very handy to have right under “Open” an “Open Containing Folder” option for Convert and Proxy tasks which would open the folder that the exported file was saved in with the file in question selected. It’s a very commonly featured option.

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Is that on Windows, mine shows more


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Linux (Kubuntu 18.04)


I’m sorry. I forgot to mention that this is specifically for Convert and Proxy jobs. The screenshot in my opening post is all you get for those export tasks and a “Show In Folder” (to be consistent with what’s already in the option for regular export) would be handy. Interestingly enough this option is already there for Reverse job but not for Convert and Proxy jobs. This is how the option is for Reverse jobs:

So my specific suggestion is to have the above right click Reverse menu be the same for Convert and Proxy jobs.

I’ve updated the subject for this thread.

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It was omitted because the results of these jobs are already integrated into the project. So, you can just select the replaced clip if needed and use Properties > menu > Show in Folder.

That’s what also happens with Reverse but Reverse’s right click menu has the “Show In Folder” option. Properties > menu > Show in Folder is the case for every clip so it wouldn’t hurt to also have Reverse’s right click menu for Convert and Proxy. It would be consistent.

…which is fine, except that I suddenly realized that maybe last week I left my Proxy location pointed to another project, and I need to do a quick* check…

…or maybe I see my main drive is down to 1,2 GB and I need to move the converted files to an auxiliary drive…

*quick = not navigating the settings menu