Add hardware-accelerated decoding

I am currently using Windows 10 Shotcut version 19.02.28 the 64-bit version when I use the DirectX angle display method I noticed that I get much better GPU utilisation around 48% but my CPU usage when using DirectX angle is at 100% and I do not get smooth playback it is very jerkymost of the time when I switch over to the opengl mode my my CPU only sits at 90% and the playback is much smoothermost of the timeGPU usage is only around 20% most of the time so you can see that the open GL this by method is much better on a CPU but the GPU utilisation is not as good please look at the following two links below hopefully you can get the GPU utilization up to the same 48% that it is on the DirectX angle on the opengl mode

Greater GPU utilization is not necessarily a good thing if it is wasteful. From the sound of it, the DirectX ANGLE method is not efficient on your machine with respect to both CPU and GPU. As I already explained OpenGL is the native drawing method in Shotcut, and it does not surprise me that it is less GPU intensive. I already know about hardware accelerated decoding within FFmpeg. It is not nearly as simple as you think. The DirectX method in Shotcut is not at all related to hardware accelerated decoding, and you are conflating concepts and talking about things you do not really understand.

thanks for the feedback sorry for the misunderstanding