Add a zoom dissolve/transition for the next release

Lightworks has a user created zoom transition that looks pretty good.

Maybe it could be added to Shotcut for the next release?

Screenshot of the parameters.


Did not tell you what to to do. I was just asking a question to see if it could be done. Apologies if I offended.

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Wow… :open_mouth:
Requests/Suggestions are off limits now?

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I don’t know what happened here. Dan’s harsh reply to my request is missing. Seems I might have crossed the line.

Probably caught off guard, having a bad day and reacted badly so removed it. It happens.
Nothing wrong with your suggestion, other effects have been added recently due to user suggestions. Devs can chose to ignore any they don’t like :smiley:

Other than possible phrasing on the request(IE can we or would it be possible) I don’t see any reason for such a reply but who knows maybe the next release is causing Dan to turn into Rick!

We all have bad days. He could have ignored my suggestion and it would have been OK.

I said maybe which is pretty close to possibly.

Who is Rick?

Rick Sanchez from rick and morty!

That’s pretty funny. Have to start watching it. Now I’ll probably get banned from the forum.

I got the impression he was an ex-developer of Shotcut who was driven out with pitchforks and (released) hounds. :wink:

Now it all becomes clear.

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It is possible to find out if the source code from the user created transition is available?

I’m trying to figure out what the transition is actually doing. When I step through the example video frame-by-frame, it doesn’t actually zoom. The subject doesn’t get bigger. It just gets streaky/blurry.

That’s correct. It’s not actually a zoom. Just gives a zoom “effect”.

The source code is here. It can be viewed in a text editor or XML editor

This is a screenshot of the zoom effect and the description on the Lightworks forum.


Thanks. After inspecting the code, I can confirm that it does a streak/blur effect. But I can understand why they would call it “zoom”.

Unfortunately, the MLT framework doesn’t contain any transitions that resemble that transition. So it isn’t as easy as exposing an existing feature in the Shotcut GUI. Someone would have to implement the effect in MLT and then expose it in Shotcut. Also, unfortunately, the lightworks effect is written in CG - which is vector based. So it doesn’t port to C++ easily at all.

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Thanks for looking at it.

It’s unfortunate that it can’t be ported to Shotcut easily. It’s a nice looking transition. I tried to create a .pgm file to try and reproduce the effect but could not get it right.

Suggestions are fine. Saying when to get something done or dictating priority is not. See the subject line; that is what I reacted to. In any case, additional transitions are not a priority at the moment. If someone ports the code to WebGLSL, then it will be included when that eventually gets integrated:

It looks like this one :

Yes it does.

Oooh, that’s pretty. I’d vote for including that at some point.

Very interesting, found WebGL Fundamentals and WebGL2 Fundamentals I have not had time to look at any of this, but hope it will help.