Add 8K support to Shotcut

It would be really great if you could edit and export 8K video. just a thought…

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Anyone who can afford an 8K camera and an 8K computer monitor to view 8K video on a PC capable of handling 8K can surely cough up for a professional editor capable of editing 8K footage.?

Just thinking aloud here :slight_smile:


It would be great for producing own Virtual Reality Videos now that the Pimax HMDs are available and affordable.
If possible add an option to shotcut that lets you set the h.264 Level to unrestricted, like avisynth.
Domo arigato

Well, I don’t really use shotcut for editing videos from a camera. I use it for editing videos on youtube. And you don’t need a 8k monitor or a pc capable of 8k. there are filters to make 1080p video look sharper. and why should I have to spend precious money on some other software when i already have some state of the art video editing software installed (Shotcut)
I dont particularly want to learn a new interface just so that I can step my videos up a notch

Perhaps, but there are some(like me) who are mortal hardware reviewers and IT professionals. I was trying to output 5760x3240 for a 3x3 1080p video wall, nothing fancy but had to use 3840x2160 instead(and set the panels all to 1280x720) since shotcut wouldnt go above 4k. I’m not editing just taking scaling(and the required calculations) away from playback in that instance.

The engine supports it in most places (no guarantees of full coverage, of course). It was trivial to increase the limits in a few places in the UI to go up to 8192 for the next version. Then, you can make your own custom Video Mode, and it works. Amazingly enough, even the GPU Processing mode works on my machine notwithstanding the usual GPU bugs, of course.


So this means we’ll see it in the next update?

Yes, minus a supplied Video Mode in Settings. Make your own.

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That can wait! any idea when(days/weeks/months) we should be checking for that?

Version 17.12 is due December 2 or 3.

Awesome, can’t wait!

Not going to cough up for a new a editor at this time, thankfully shotcut supports 8k. I found shotcut working perfectly fine on my new 8k monitor (tv), New massive hardware, tough and rough nvidia’s working and some 256gigs playing some games with 3d rendering.

Ok! I need to get a camera.

(I think I am just 4 years late to reply)