Ad An End

The show must go on… :smile:


Ad An End

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Very artistic composition! For me the flickering feels very nervous, the face on the right hand side e.g.
The colorful fluid animation is nice - did you do it yourself with some 3d animation program or is it shelfware? What is the expected end, that was added? Maybe i didn’t get the final clue? :slight_smile:


sorry for late answering.

First, I’ve uploaded on YouTube a new version…
Ad An End (v.3)


Not anyone can “handle” that…

It’s “all” done with Shotcut.
“All” compared with raw material from Pixabay and/or Pexels…
E.g. for videos:

Else sources are photos…


As the title says…: “Ad An End” :smile:

You are not alone. :smile:

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Finally (v4) a “Making Of”-picture…

used GB of RAM (only export): ca. 22 GB