Accidentally adding filters to blank area in timeline

i accidentally copied the filters from a clip to a blank space in the timeline resulting to either muting the entire project or making the audio bad because of the unwanted additional filter of gain/volume please help…please

Maybe that “blank space” resulted in the (whole) timeline being the selection when you pasted filters. Or, possibly a track head. You need to pay attention to the top of the Filters panel when adding filters. It states what the selection is and to what you are attaching filters. You should select the track heads by clicking on them and look at the Filters. The track head is the area on the left of the Timeline that states the name of the track. Also, the block at the top left of the Timeline, above the track heads can be selected to affect the whole timeline and have filters attached. In the next version, this block is getting a name (“Master” in English), and both it and the track heads will show the Filters icon on its track head to indicate that filters have been added to these things. That will help people to track down things.

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