A weird cut on 2/3 of the video when I drag them in. Help

Almost all my video’s will come in the program with a cut on lets say 2/3 of de total video length. I mannually can drag the white arrow to the right to still see the whole video, but when I place the video on my timeline it only shows 2/3 of the total lenght. I edit for years with shotcut, this is very annoying. Does annyone know how to fix this?

I have seen this happen as well when editing 1920x1080 23.98fps H.264 MP4 VFR files from a Blink security camera on a 1080p 23.98fps timeline. I cannot reproduce it reliably, though, as not all clips from the camera do it. What I found interesting was that if I made a Shotcut-produced proxy over the original file (not over an optimized transcode), the proxy also exhibited the 2/3rds default out point when brought into the source viewer as well. I thought it was something I did by mistake and went on, but I’ll dig into it more now that someone else is seeing this too.

VFR is a pretty good guess.

@Thijs_van_Bemmel can you show a screenshot of the Video tab of the Properties panel with one of the clips selected?

As a test, you could try the “Convert…” button on one of the clips and see if the length is correct on the converted file.

This is another example I came across today. The video lenght as shown is 27 sec, but in fact it is 33 sec. When I change the lenght manually (where I put a circle on), it will properly show me the whole video. When I convert the clip it will indeed show the correct lenght. But I really don’t want to do that for al my clips lol.
Thanks for helping btw!

(edit) you know it’s strange because it doesn’t happens all the time. I put the same exact video in shotcut again and the problem isn’t there… It shows the whole video without I touched something.

(edit 2) I noticed something strange again after 20 minutes or so in shotcut. The clips in the playlist changed, from the second screenshot (not showing the full video lenght at all) to the first screenshot (white time thingie not all the way to the right). It is still annoying but better as not showing at all, because I can mannualy fix it pretty fast. I assume it has something to do with clips loading in the program. I hope this is fixeble, otherwise I just need to pay attention before I start editing the clips :slight_smile:

Your screenshot shows that the videos has a variable frame rate. That is probably the root of the problem. Under the hood Shotcut uses a media library called FFMpeg. FFMpeg uses various heuristics and tests to detect the duration of a clip. This testing process is much faster than actually decoding the whole file to count each and every frame. So sometimes it doesn’t get it perfectly correct. I wonder what recording device you are using. It looks like maybe a phone.

If you want to see what is detected, in the Properties Panel hamburger menu we have a “More Information…” tool.

When you run that tool, you get a window and you can scroll down to the format section to see the detected length:

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Thanks. It’s indeed filmed by a phone. I just need to pay attention before I edit the clips then.

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