A Tool To Easily Loop Something For Hours

10 Hour Videos have become a common thing, and I managed to achieve it once using shotcut. I had to loop it for one minute, then 10 times to get 10 minutes, then 6 times to get and hour, then 10 times to get 10 hours. However, this is quite tedious, and it could be much easier. There should be a tool in shotcut where any selected clip can be looped a certain number of times, or to closely match a certain time. It should be done in a way where it is duplicated for the desired amount of time. I think this would be a good idea because it would be an easy solution for people looking to make these videos. There are other software but they either cost money or they caused many problems with my computer.

Typically loops are handled on the player end, most players(vlc, pot player, even windows media player) have repeat functions for an individual item or playlist, if it’s a signage application the software for those(rise, scala ect.) support schedules and repeating content there.

It’s unlikely that this will ever be added to Shotcut by the developer(s).
This software is free and has been used by @jonray for many different tasks.

Here’s a script that will append a clip on the time line 10 times. If you want to use it change the extension to ahk. The hotkey is Ctrl+L.

Loop.txt (166 Bytes)

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@sauron is right - autohotkey can be set up to work with Shotcut to make it easier to perform tedious tasks. I recommend it. Nice script, @sauron, thanks :+1:!

@sauron’s AHK script works fine!