A teaser for advise


I have now been learning SC for almost 9 weeks now … with no idea what is video editing.
Thought it is about time for me to apply as many techniques as possible from what I’d learnt on SC.

Filters applied include RS, SP, Chroma key (simple, Advance), key spill , masking, color etc etc, plus techniques on “green screen”, corners, speech bubble … and most recently on “special characters” on simple:text filter with @sauron advise.

I must say the “filters” combination of use continue to be a mystery somewhat to me and I can see the knowledge of them is really the power of video editing now or am I wrong (still a Noobs :slight_smile:)
So with a few tricks I learnt from you … here’s my little teaser to seek your comments.
What’s ok and what’s not ok to do going forward would be really nice.

So if you have sometime to help me out, I want to thank you in advance.


You certainly put the filters to good use. I presume you Chroma-keyed the action coming out of the computer montor, which I really liked. I had to watch it a few times to see the action and read the speech bubbles. But you seem to have learned a lot of techniques using the filters in the short time you’ve been using shotcut.

Thanks @Elusien for your comments. Appreciate it.
This forum really hellps me a lot learning stuff I can’t always get from the various tutorial I found on SC.

For the “coming out of computer monitor”, indeed I used chroma key as the background is green.
Also important to use 2 other keys (Alpha Channel Adjust and Key Spill) I learnt from @DvS as I did not have “consistent green color screen background” … so that really make it more realistic.

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