A Pan & Zoom Slide Show with Rotate and Scale

I tried to use Rotate and Scale to create a slide show. I have the latest version, 20.11.28 ( I assume this is the version since I downloaded in mid-December), the “Rotate and Scale” choice under Filter is not there. There are “Elastic Scale” & “Size, Position & Rotate” choices. I click on either one, and neither appears can do the Pan and Zoom. There is zoom under the “Size, Position & Rotate”, simple zoom though.

Size, Position & Rotate can do pan & zoom just fine. You just need to try a little harder. What is funny is that the old Rotate and Scale did not have any presets to make it easier whereas this one has a whole bunch of them. See also Playlist > menu > Add Selected to Slideshow.

Dan, thank you very much! I am a very beginner and I am still trying to click all these buttons to figure out how they work.

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