A new export option?

Hi there !
Still a big fan of shotcut.
What if you could add a new export option :
To have the ability to export just a selection (between 2 timecodes) in the timeline.

Have a great weekend !

Isn’t it there already? You can set start and end of your clip in the player and just export that part to your liking. Isnt that exactly what you want?

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You need to save the project first, then go to the timeline menu and click on Copy Timeline to Source. Everything that’s on the timeline will be transferred to the Source tab of the player. Chose the start and end points of what you want to export (use “I” and “O” on your keyboard for that) , then go to Export, make sure the drop-down menu is on Source and hit the Export button.




Okay it’s exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks so much !