A major drawback of shotcut is that we can't loop playback

A major drawback of shotcut is that we can’t loop playback.It makes it difficult to work with large projects. Is there any other way for this

It’s on the Roadmap, on no. 9.

I changed the category to “suggestion” because that is a good way for people to discuss roadmap ideas. I wonder how people would implement looping. Maybe an option in the properties panel similar to the speed option?


You are thinking of looping in a clip in a composition, but this and the road map item are about looping playback. In its absence, just use a keyboard shortcut (or two) to start when it stops. Sometimes it works in the Source player to play from beginning when it stops at the end, but that is not implemented for the Project player.

To loop a clip in a composition, yes, it would be some kind of toggle in Properties, but the big issue is how to deal with an arbitrary duration. It is similar to the issue today with an image clip. Make the possible duration very long, and things like trimming in the Source player or Duration in Properties become a problem not to mention fade out filters and outbound simple animations.


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