A lot of temp files appearing in project folder

Hello! Thank you again for this great software!

I’m working as always but when I finish my work and will look at project folder, there are a lot of what I think are temp files. Maybe everytime I save, a file like that is created and should be automatically deleted, but is being keep there. Screenshot of folder after a long work session:

I’m using Shotcut version 20.07.11 under Windows, in a folder with Dropbox sync.

This is probably because of using Dropbox, and when Shotcut tries to remove the temp file, Dropbox has a lock on it to sync it. Often Shotcut needs to use the project’s folder for the temp file so it can correctly create relative paths. Also, there was a bug someone experienced because their temp directory was not writable, whereas the destination folder is already checked if it is writable. I hope to improve this area a bit after the next version.

This is fixed for the next version 20.10 including the beta.

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