360 Ewan - Episode 002 - San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden 2019

Another week, another 360 Video made with Insta360 Studio and Shotcut. This time a POV tour of the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden. Hope y’all like it!


Hi @ewan360, in my stupidity I only just realised you can pan and tilt your videos 360 degrees. I can enjoy your walks much more now I realise this!! (The clue was in the title - 360 video!! - DUH!!).

You can also tilt right down and see you walking… (Nice hat by the way :laughing::laughing:)

How does this work?

OMG I just realised you can rotate by clicking, holding and dragging the screen as well as the nav icon on the top left. Cool.

It works by shooting first with a 360 camera (Insta360 One X), then stitching the video in the camera’s app first (because it literally shoots a video from each wide angle lens), then editing in Shotcut, and finally using the Google tool to inject the 360 metadata back into the final video file.

Assuming that was what you were asking about anyway :slight_smile:

Yes, very interesting, thank you.I will take a look at your other walks.

Try it on a phone next. It uses the accelerometer to look around by the phone’s angle and movement in all directions. Of course, some VR googles would be the next step if you do not mind strapping something to your head. :stuck_out_tongue:

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