2x Size, Position & Rotate causes terrible image quaility degradation

I think in the following way sharing your approach. Up to some point the software can be developed in spontaneous way. However when the project is growing, it’s time to discuss what and how should be modified. In this case it would mean (at least in my humble opinion), how to invite new people to this project to have bigger team and how to reduce number of bugs (including TDD mentioned by you). Moreover I’m also wondering about performance during editing. Some operations are surprisingly slow like moving one clip from one track to another in bigger project but doing copy-paste being the equivalent of moving is almost immediate. Please don’t try this as negative approach but rather as some kind of help even if it’s probably much easier to talk than to do sth. However this become somehow off-topic and I think for this a new thread should be created, if there is interest.

It seems that the Developers are very much aware of the issues that cause the performance problems.

Apparently, a rewrite of a certain part of the code is needed and it hasn’t happened yet.

I agree and have my own thoughts on that.

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