2ème pièce pour piano en do


Happy new year to everybody. I won’t say “It can’t be worse than 2020”, because it could be worse. If I had known in 2020 that I was going to a restaurant for the last time, I would took a dessert. :slight_smile:

For my first composition of 2021, I’ve used museScore, which is an open source software too, to synchronize score and playing. I noticed a lot of change in Shortcut since my last use of it, so I gave up to use scrolling texts or keyframes.

All (plays, sounds, midi sequencing, mix and record) is done exclusively with the Yamaha Genos keyboard. No edition and no copy&paste.


I had to edit your post to change the link to the video since you have disabled embedding the video in other websites, it would not play here and show an error.

Thanks a lot, I was not aware. I’m going to correct this in my video configuration… It’s done.

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Hi @pfeuh - I just saw this - it’s really cool! I admire the synchronisation. Good job. I’ve been singing your tune for an hour!! :smiley:
PS I use MuseScore too. Did you know version 3.6 is just released with major improvements and a new musictypeface?

Thank you. The melody’s begin is insidious, I agree. :slight_smile:

Concerning museScore, I use version 3.2 on Ubuntu, I’m not aware of last improvements. I practice Better is Good’s enemy and Don’t change something which is working as you expect. Anyway, thank you for this information, I will have a look to the new features.

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