23 new "Flip and Spin" animated text TITLES (using Text:HTML)

That is a possibility. It is much less trouble for me to put something on my website that allowes that than to create a Shotcut filter to do it. once I’ve finished with the “simplification” process I’ll have a look at at that.

C’est une possibilité. Il m’est beaucoup moins difficile de mettre sur mon site web quelque chose qui le permette que de créer un filtre Shotcut pour le faire. Une fois que j’aurai terminé le processus de “simplification”, j’y jetterai un coup d’œil.

Dear friend Jonray. Your work is amazing. It’s what i’d love to be able to do!!! Is there a chance that you could help me to do number 16? It would be a miracle for me. Thank you so much

Hi @dankhara - Thank YOU for your comment. Just to say though it wouldn’t have been possible without @elusien’s coding wizardry and help :+1:. And of course, Dan for making it all possible! :+1:

I’d love to help. For a start, have you downloaded my HTML files and also the instructions ?

Instructions - how to use the FLIP SPIN text effects in Shotcut.pdf (74.9 KB)

If you get stuck, please ask questions here and I (or someone else) will help when I get time. Good luck…

Dear Jonray, I did download the instructions, but can’t seem to find where to download the files

Hi @dankhara, 1. Download and unzip the zip file. You will get one folder. Do not remove any of the files from this folder.
Suggestion - copy the entire FOLDER, save it with a unique name (say "FlipSpin Files (COPY) and keep the original as a backup. Put it somewhere handy, such as on your the desktop.(It doesn’t matter where you place the folder but I always put it on my desktop).

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Thank you so much for your help!!!

No problem! Ask again if you still need help.

Wow! … Another great project, getting addicted to this forum already. Quick question Jonray, is there anyway to just animate words rather than characters. I have had a look at the css file, and there seems to be some javascript that splits the words, when i try to remove that function from the file, the word doesnt appear when i render it via shotcut, as a matter of fact i am trying to replicate a “fast vertical spinning text”. Any ideas?

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Hi @odusis , welcome! Woo -hoo I can mention HTML again! :smiley:

In the zipped folder I have made a couple of HTML files which produce a spinning word, and also a spinning image.

You’ll have to use version 20.07.11 or earlier though or it won’t work. Hope this helps. Preview the effect by just double-clicking on file 01.
Spinning text test DEMO (HTML).zip (62.5 KB)




Many Thanks Jonray. You are a star. Will have a look at the zip files. Thanks.

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No problem! Ask if you need further advice!

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