21.05.01 crashes when importing a MLT XML as clip

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Windows 10 Home
Versión 20H2
Intel® Core™ i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz

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Shotcut closes unexpectedly when I import an open MLT XML as a clip.
This happens when I add such a clip to the playlist.
:one: Test 1: I open MLT XML as a clip and it appears correctly in the preview window.
I drag from the source directly to the playlist and then Shotcut crashes.

:two: Test 2: I open MLT XML as a clip and it appears correctly in the preview window.
I drag from the source to the timeline and it shows invalid. I add the source to the playlist line (with the button, no drag, and drop) and then Shotcut crashes.

I tested in version 21.03.21 (portable) and it worked fine.

Same as this:

I knew I had read it somewhere, however, I couldn’t find it.
There comes a time when my head can’t remember everything, hahaha.
I will mark it as solved because it is already reported and already noted.

Hello, downloaded the latest version and start editing, it keeps quitting the program everytime im using the preset of text simple, any help, thank you

Hello and welcome:
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As I see it, your query about Text simple is not overtly related to opening MLT XML as a clip.
Also, I marked this thread as solved, so volunteers will focus help on other unresolved issues.

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im just new in this forum, i can do that, thanks for the tip