1sec Gap for Multiple Clips

Hi Folks,

I got one track containing multiple clips and i would like to add a default 1 second gap inbetween when i export the video. It can be an image, a transition or just a gap inbetween those clips.
Is there an easy way to get this quickly or even by default?

Hi @dennisen There’s no automatic magic button for this, but you can do this with a series of keyboard shortcuts. You could then automate the process using Auto Hotkey if you are on Windows.

I made a demo video to show you what I mean. I’ve added detailed instructions in the Youtube description, should you wish to try it out!

** Please note, there is no audio commentary on this video**

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Thanks for the help, mate. This works.

In the meantime i figured out another way. Using a 1sec picture in the track and then copy/pasting it inbetween every clip by quickly jumping from clip to clip by using ‘alt+right arrow’.

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Aha, your method is great, and a lot simpler than mine! Especially if “Ripple track” is on - the pasted clip pushes the other clips along. And just a thought, if you want a gap rather than an image in between each clip you could use a transparent clip.

My image is a logo which i resized to small and set the backgrund to black. So that works fine.

But i will try the transparent clip as well. Cheers

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