19.07 Cannot see corresponding Properties


According to this help link
Opening a file and adding it to the Playlist and Timeline, After we choose an item, then go [Properties],
we should see its corresponding Properties, but this behavior does not performed by version 19.07.

Could the great developer please check it again?
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:!

Simply selecting a playlist item (single-click) is not enough to show its Properties and Filters. You need to double-click it.

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Or click the playlist item to select it and then click the “properties” button at the top.

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Thank you very much :smile:, I will try it!

Thank you :grinning:, but your suggestion cannot work on 19.07.

After I select a different item on playlist then click “Properties”
it will not show corresponding properties.

If I double-click on an item then go [Properties], I see its corresponding Properties.

Yes, you are correct. “properties” shows the details of the item currently in the “preview” pane. When you double-click an item it makes it the current item.

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