17.10 slow or fails to launch

Again I have gone back to 17.08 as 17.09 had a serious choppy playback issues and now 17.10 takes either three or four times to launch or not at all (get’s stuck at the splash screen ‘loading plugins’) requiring to end the process in task manager.

Anyone else noticed this?

Win10 Pro 64bit
Phenom x6
16Gb RAM
Radeon R7 360 2Gb

No problems here. SC 17.10 starts and runs fine.

The choppy laggy playback issues are gone.

Also, the drag and on drop issue brought up here Drag and Drop Fails after a few Times seem to have been fixed. One can drag and drop clips all day with no problems.

Win 10 Pro 64
16 G RAM
HP Prodesk 400 I3
Intel HD graphics 530

Yes, I noticed it takes ages to load - but hasn’t got stuck at the “loading pugins” stage for me yet.

I haven’t used 17.10.02 much yet but it comes up very snappy on 64-bit Linux Mint 17.3 with 8 GB RAM

I’ll stay with 17.08