16:9 and 9:16 in one project?

Hello there.

First of all: thanks so much for this program. Even for noobs like me its making the whole process of making a video for YouTube much more accessible.

My problem (and I hope someone can guide me):
I made a video with my mobile phone (until I can afford something better this is it) but I made the cardinal mistake of doing some videos in 16:9 and some in 9:16 - stupid me.

Now when I just merge the videos, the result is that the 9:16 parts are displayed perfectly while the 16:9 parts are minimized to fit the 9:16 width, thus resulting in VERY small image section.

Now is there any way to make the video switch between those to aspect ratios? So that both are displayed how they should be? For the next video I´ll just stay with 16:9 (and not holding my phone upright), but I´d hate to film everything again (I´m making board game rules reviews). It tool the whole saturday :wink:

Thanks for anyone giving me (hopefully easily understandable) help.


Yes, depending on what you’re wanting the video to look like.
I’ve included links to relevant posts below.

First you would choose your final aspect ratio and work from there.
Set your Video Mode: Setting/Video Mode. If other than 16:9 , choose Custom/Add.

YouTube has changed their display for all videos, which I wrote about here with a video from EposVox explaining the changes: YouTube aspect ratios & player changes YouTube accepts all aspect ratios without black bars.

Here is a great thread to read : Black border issues when using clips that contain different resolutions

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First of all: thanks for giving me hope I dont have to do this all over :smiley:

If I choose 16:9 - wouldnt the 9:16 video parts be reduced to fit the 9 heights the same way the 16:9 videos are now forced on the 9 width?

I´ll have a look in the other thread!

Yes or No. The thread listed all of the ways you could work with the video. You can crop, resize, etc… It all depends on how you wish to display the video. There is no cookie-cutter approach to this. The above thread should answer all of your questions.

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So I read through the respective thread but basically It talks about cropping the videos to fit the respective size - but thats not what I wanted as much information is lost when I crop the video. At this point I dont mind black borders. I just want both videos to play properly in one video. Like this:

For my next projects, I´ll only do 16:9 but here I´m stuck with both :frowning:

If I understand right what @Hudson555x was suggesting here in his post in the thread he linked to, you would be cropping the black borders of the 9:16 video so that it would fit in a 16:9 video. You would not be cropping out any of the image.

So if you have the video mode in Settings set to Automatic, you import your 16:9 video first which would set the aspect ratio and resolution for the whole project the same as your 16:9 video is in. Then you import the 9:16 video, apply the crop filter to the 9:16 video to crop out the left and right black borders. By doing that it will allow the video in the center to settle in the 16:9 space.

This is getting over my head I fear.

This is the link the the video - its set on private but I think the link should work:

So I´m currently content with the 9:16 parts BUT the start and end of the video are in 16:9 and thus unwatchable small. I absolutely have no idea what to crop where :frowning:
Thanks for your help though nonetheless

As of now nothing is viewable in that link.

That’s probably because you imported the 9:16 video first which set the resolution and aspect ratio for the whole project that way making the 16:9 video very small. As I suggested in my post before, import the 16:9 video first then the 9:16 video. Have you tried that?

You don’t have to crop if you don’t want to, but if you don’t you’ll end up with this.

When you crop the 9:16 as perhaps you don’t need all of the top/bottom, you can make it appear wider in the 16:9 aspect.

I have not (currently at work). and I think importing it first means I need to puzzle everything together again? I have set the video ratio manually at 16:9 this morning but had no time to export it to try to see what that does.

@Hudson: I´d be glad if it looked like that. Is this what happens if the base video is 16:9 and I´m adding 9:16 stuff?

I set the video on yt from private to not listet - I think it should work now.

Yup. :slight_smile:

It sort of looks like you imported your 9:16 video first, but I have no idea without seeing the saved mlt project file.

You have not posted any source file specifications. You could have your video set to 1080p with a 460p video… At this point I can only guess to what you have done or what your files specs are.

Both @DRM and myself both pointed out that setting the Video Mode before you start is vital.
As DRM pointed out, having it set to Automatic, then importing the 16:9 video, then your 9:16.

In post #2, First step is to set your Video Mode.

Size & Position Filter, without Crop

With Crop & Size/Position filters.

Rotate and Scale filter without Crop/Size & Position filters.

Because I dont know any source file specifications. It´s just 2 videos from my Iphone - some horizontal, some vertical (doh!).

I´ll change the Video mode first and see what that does. As I pointed out, cutting away stuff from any vertical video is not an option in most parts as I´m filming parts of the gaming board where I need as much information as possible.

The only thing I could do is cutting stuff from my horizontal video - but that doesnt help if I´m aiming for a 16:9.

In any case, I´ll be back once I tried the video setting.

Thanks VERY much for your patience up to this point. You´re incredibly helpful.

Video Properties

File Properties

If that’s the case then there is no need to use any filters except Size and Position if you wish to move to the left or right.

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