1080p preview scaling and proxy editing

Hi, is there any interest in this proxy and preview scaling at this resolution?

I sometimes have trouble judging fine focus at 720p.

For judging i use the original in max. resolution. Preview scaling is just for working fluently when editing or applying filters e.g. Proxies are even better or the combination of both :slight_smile:

Yes, C4K or UHD is easier to judge the output.

However, I still wonder if it’s possible to have a 1080p proxy and preview scaling? And whether it would be difficult to implement. For instance, even on a large 3440x1440 monitor 720p is really not easy to judge fine focus. 1080p proxy and preview scaling would make for a much more streamlined workflow and would also make sense if trying to make quality media.

Why kind of fine focus are you looking to do?

A workflow suggestion I would give is to do the bulk of your editing with the current proxy and preview scaling settings. Anything that you need “fine focus” on mark it down with the markers and put a note on those markers of what you want to do in those spots. Then when the bulk of your editing is finished, turn off proxy and preview scaling then jump to each of the markers, look at the notes you left on them and do the finer details that you would do better on with a higher resolution.

Maybe delete this thread. It doesn’t seem like there is any support for this idea. Thanks