10 bit pipeline with a reduced feature set

Hi, putting this out there.

If there was a way to use shotcut in 10 bit only mode with a reduced feature set. Like another tab 10 bit only mode. Even if it meant something like, no dissolves. Cuts only.

One thing I’ve found using a panasonic camera with 10 bit HLG mode the colours are better than the in camera cine-style profiles.

I wonder, because HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) is seemingly (from what I can tell) a not very respectable way to shoot just because of the varying ways HLG is interpreted by the various manufacturers. Is the Shotcut implementation of HLG better than the rest? Do I have this wrong/incorrect?

EDIT: I write this because I get really good results from HLG in Shotcut from editing to export. Without going into all of the details that I understand, it just seems to work well.

Could an HLG 10 bit workflow work better with open source software for some reason? Could there be an implentation of 10 bit colour much like the way proxies are done? I mean, most people dealing with 10 bit workflows don’t have 10 bit pipelines from what I can gather.

EDIT: what I mean by this is most people, from what I can gather, is that most people who take advantage of a 10 bit workflow, do so internally. That is, they don’t have 10 bit from capture → the monitor.

I am probably the worst person to ask about or talk about these things, I’m not going to do any tests to prove or not so it might not be worthwhile topic. However, if any of this makes possible sense, I would like to know.

EDIT: Just to say there are some good examples of people using HLG in their workflows. I find this 'tube quite relateable Lok Cheung says Youtubers should shoot HLG.
So, first of all HLG is what it says it is, Hybrid, so not quite, Log Gamma. That means it’s a tradeoff between Log profiles and normal video profiles if I can be so profane as to state like that. What it means in real life is you usually gain quite a bit of dynamic range from your camera, and its compatible with 8 bit workflows and its much less taxing to work with than Log profiles.

Thanks heaps for any replies