Please Add support for the user to be able to increase the amount of memory shotcut can use (1)
LUT intensity (or opacity/strength) (3)
Request for a sample preview export feature, similar to the one in handbrake (14)
Particle plugin - Motion Factory (2)
Audio Dance visualization filter (4)
Slip tool request (3)
Thoughtless timeline stops (20)
Use hardware decoder for preview (if possible) (4)
Playlist View as Icons Enhancement (3)
New Transitions (7)
Don't overwrite shotcut logs (new log time-stamped) (6)
Rearrage tracks / move tracks up/down ( 2 ) (21)
Skip sections per track (1)
Filter (preset) ideas (5)
Keyframes for every Filter (4)
Blur effect creates black frame (12)
One track per Audio Channel? (1)
Be able to add custom macros (1)
Fullscreen playback (on editing monitor) (16)
Warp size mode in Size and Position filter (5)
Shading (Adding a shadow to an object in a track while there's another track as a background) (2)
Templates for Shotcut to use? (5)
Turning pictures into frames (2)
Keyframes based on factors such as audio level or overall brightness ( 2 3 ) (52)
Keyframes on Hue/Lightness/Saturation Filter (4)
Reload assets from disk (such as an image)? (6)
MLT XML clip load mess up timeline cut positions (fps difference) (6)
"Export selection" for rendering multiple clips per project (4)
Add hardware-accelerated decoding (5)
Please Implement a vulkan API (4)